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Classic new mixes : Funky dubs; vintage reggae; mod rally and Acid Jazz dancefloor anthems; 90's trip hop; old school jungle; and all the usual funkywormhole standards from the Hull based sound system . Funkywormhole Sound System mixes contained in this presentation are 100% vinyl throughout .

Old School Reggae and Jungle Soundclash !!!

First new selection for 2018 is 100% vinyl reggae and jungle mixed by Funkywormhole Soundsystem from Hull Uk. Massive 10 hour selection including all the classics end to end .


SESH PODCAST 2017 ... lists the full line up in the Funkywormhole Sound System Area. This year's Humber Street Sesh Festival in Hull is now in the last stages of preparation. The soundsystem field will host 4 of Hull's finest home made soundsystems. ShackShaker, Sub-Stance, Epic, and Funkywormhole will be joining forces to bring the biggest combined force that the City has ever seen . This is a FunkyWormHole mix of reggae funk and breaks to set the mood ... roll on Saturday 5th August ...

1996 Drum and Bass Showcase

JUNE 2017 Podcast :1996 .Check out this 3 Hour mix of classic funky breaks, recorded to celebrate Harry's 21st Birthday on 12th June 2017. All on original '90's vinyl 12" records. Mixed live in one take, with no edits or mastering. This was the classic sound of the mid-'90s , and it still sounds great 21 years later. Mixed in the Soundsystem.Fm studio on Technics 1200 decks through an FMS-600 mixer for optimum sound quality and original club feel.


The big success story in Hull over the last couple of years is the emergence of Get Down Promotions . Playing a quality selection of Reggae, Dub, Funk, Breaks, and all the rest , they have been packing out venues . Fantastic Dj's from the community in Hull, and top notch guests including Adam Prescott, Mungo's HiFi , and Iration Steppas. This selection shows the variety and deep knowledge of the music, with great mixes from recent events at Welly Club and Sonic Park Festival . Wanting more knowledge/dates of events or whatever else ? ...Contact Dj Simma through their Facebook page for Get Down or email SoundSystem.FM direct ....

Funkywormhole Dj Mixtape

Friday 21st April .5-7pm . A funkywormhole selection of records from 60's Mod Jazz to old-school jungle and classic new reggae. 100% vinyl .

6Ts Mod Radio Session

Pirate radio was, in the long lost past , a way to access music outside the familiar commercial channels. Djs chose tunes which they had personally sourced, and sticking to a pre-ordained 'playlist' or schedule was just not an issue.

In this collection we have no interruptions from Dj chat, just a huge collection of highly desirable underground vinyl.

Check out the amazing sounds of the 6T's club scene ... classic dancefloor fillers that still pack clubs across the UK in 2017. Dj's from Funkywormhole Sound System, Gettin' to the Point Djs ( next event in Hull in September 2017) , and Shack Shaker Sound System providing an insight into the true sounds of the sixties. These are the tunes that have emerged from the UK mod scene over the years ( if not decades! ) . 7" vinyl found and compiled by enthusiastic Djs which the majority of the population will never get to hear, as this is pretty obscure stuff. Marlena Shaw, James Brown, John Lee Hooker, and Georgie Fame are amongst the most well known of the contributors to this massive wealth of music. Outside the mainstays there's a collection of tunes which you will have to apply your Shazam ( or whatever other mechanical aide you possess ) to identify , and best of luck in finding a copy on vinyl !


6pm on Thursday April 13th 2017. A rare interview with Adhoksaja Krishna from the ISKCON International Krishna Consciousness Foundation. They work around the world , and as monks they preach the ancient principles of The Vedas. Founded by Srila Prabhupada in the 1960's and since then it has become a widespread phenomenon .

Nige's Rebellious JukeBox Show

OLD. Thursday 6th April it's alternative music heaven in Nige's Rebellious Jukebox Show.... Ramones, Prodigy, Altered Images, Stranglers,.... it's a non-stop blur of tunes . Nige is a bit like Ken Dodd in that he's hard to get off once he's started, and this week he's done 5 hour marathons across the evening (Uk time) . He's taken a curry into the studio with him tonight so maybe we won't get him out til daylight!.

Dub Classics LIVE now !!!

OLD. TONIGHT IT'S FREE SOUNDSYSTEM MUSIC !!!... check out the amazing new tunes at ... DUB , REGGAE, JUNGLE, STEPPAS, and all on 100% vinyl . Recorded in our studio; live from this week's Dj Aries gig in Hull with FUNKYWORMHOLE SOUND SYSTEM, SHACK SHAKER, and GET DOWN ; and more live sets to follow across the weekend...

SoundSystem Social Club : 11th March 2017

OLD. Saturday afternoon ,12 noon 'til 5pm UK time , we are hosting another incredible installment of the Sound System Social Club.

Dub , Reggae, breaks, and vintage classics.

Dj's playing heavyweight tunes from their own collections, all on vinyl , using 1200 Technics turntables and Formula Sound FMS 600 mixer , to give you the ultimate sound quality .

Always a great session, and we will be recording the whole afternoon to replay on the auto DJ across next week ...

Reggae VS Jungle

OLD. SoundSystem.Fm is recording the heavyweight dub session in Hull...10-4am ... Watch this space for details as we programme a full cycle of underground classics for transmission next week ... Djs from Funkywormhole, Shack Shaker, Get Down, Dj Aries, Quirky Ken , Marcus Anthony, , ....